Tuesday, March 26, 2019

40 Days of Fire and Ice - Week 3

Not a lot of things are on fire or frozen this week (yay!), so we have some pictures from the archives.

not a great place or time of year to be handicapped...
thankfully, this is mostly melted away now.

Snowy day in the hills (January 2019)
I love these black-and-white "branchscapes."
Could make a killer jigsaw puzzle.


frosty day in the clouds (early winter 2018)

"Lampwork" artist in Coos Bay, OR last winter.

Hour 20 of a 28-hour shift,
day 15 of our strike team "week."
Our task force leader stomping out a sagebrush fire.

View from flat-tire adventure,
scouting firewood sources.  Fall 2018

View of current smoke over old burn,
on way to Kettle Falls for Boyd's Fire (Aug 2018).

Asparagus sprouting from recent burn,
Boyd's Fire (2018)

Burned-over valley (2018)

Tree and burned stump holes,
Cougar Creek Fire (2018)

Lingering hot spots on inaccessible ridges,
Cougar Creek fire (2018)

Moose seen on way to Boyd's Fire, 2018

Working fire ahead.  2018

Patchy (uneven) burned forest, Boyd's Fire (2018)

Finally, a challenge: Can you guess what this is? 

(Yes, we encountered it on a fire assignment.
It's a close-up of something.
Good luck.)

Email me if you have a guess: erica@ErnieAndErica.info.

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