Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Smoke, Fall, and Fire

Where is that smoke coming from?
View looking west from Mt. Hull, 2pm Friday
View to our west, about 6pm Friday
That particular smoke is coming from the Diamond Creek fire, over a few mountains from ours.  
To geek out on smoke patterns, I love this site: earth.nullschool.net
Use the "earth" menu to see particulates, chemicals (CO shows wildfires very distinctly), hurricanes (wind speed/temperature), etc.
To get updates on specific fires, this is my go-to: inciweb.nwcg.gov

What's new with rocket mass heaters?
PermaEthos is starting to put out some videos, showing my wrap-up of our June Appropriate Tech course in Montana. 

Like batch boxes? You might enjoy this one. 
(It is an update on the first 8" batch box that Peter Van Den Berg ever built, the one that turned out to make less smoke emissions than a candle for most of its burn cycle.)

The Rocket Mass Heater innovators will be gathering in Montana again in early October, for what Paul Wheaton is calling the "Jamboree."  A lot of good folks are signed up already, but I believe there's still room if you want to come.

I am trying out my wildland fire fighter chops:

And with the rest of my crew, learning structure fire-fighting tactics:
If you want a Mt. Hull Fire T-shirt, we're letting our crew send extras to family and friends for a $15-20 donation.  Let me know.
Back of 2017 T-shirt

Part of wildland chops is, of course, filling the woodshed for winter.
I prefer to do it a year ahead, but in these extremely dry conditions, I'll take having it done before the fall rains start.