Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tonasket - Like a Heavy Basket

About ten years ago, Ernie's father and stepmother retired from commercial fishing to live on top of Mt Hall.

They found 12 acres of alpine/high-desert woodland with an actual pond, which now supports a small dock and canoe (just in case the water level ever gets high enough to support recreational boating).

Ron plows snow into the pond each winter while clearing the driveway, and grumps that he wouldn't mind the Forest Service helicopters dipping water out to fight wildfires, if they'd just return the same amount afterwards.

Janine waters the garden and a handful of fruit trees from one of their two wells.

They've invited us to join them up here, with the option to build our own home, or boat, or whatever strikes our fancy, on a corner of the property that has its own well, power, and road access.