Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Stil enjoying winter?

Me and Radar on a snow day:

I haven't been writing to you much, with everything that's been going on.  I have been keeping my eyeballs out of the slush, however.

Radar and I have gone skiing once or twice most weeks - sometimes at home, sometimes at the sno park.  Skiing with a weighted pack is a great way to keep in shape for everything I plan to do this summer.  And, you know, ever in my life.
our eyeballs not frozen but camera is

deep enough to push like a bow wave on a boat
Bow wave surfing
I sometimes go with friends like Karen (who took these pictures) or Ton.  Nice to have a winter wonderland all around me, when I take the time to enjoy it.
I get to see spectacular hills under snow on the road to Wenatchee each weekend lately, too.  We took this snapshot of Turtle Rock while carpooling, but it doesn't do justice to the vast, blue-and-white, etching-textured quality of the surrounding landscape.
We are pushing through snow to practice with ladders and other tools for the Fire Recruit Academy.  Every weekend from mid-January through mid-April, we carpool down and practice structure fire techniques and tactics with some awesome trainers from the Washington State Fire Training Academy, Chelan County #1, and Douglas County #2.
I will hopefully have photos to share once we swap images and permissions - right now, all mine are of other people, and some of them don't want them published.  But I can share a logo I drew for our class flag:

As the snow clears, we'll be doing more outdoor training for our wildland fire crews, and for several new drivers for Okanogan County FD #12.  This was my third EVIP training since being certified as an instructor, and it's getting smoother (next step: how much shorter can I tighten it down?).

And I'm collecting fire-related quotes, notes, photos, and original artwork for an upcoming project.  Check out this version of the Fire Triangle:

Fire Triangle - the real thing.

How is winter treating you?