Friday, June 7, 2013

On the road again

Just heard that our first video is almost done... the Fire Science one, we're looking forward to it very much.  All 4 from that set are supposed to come out this summer, and I think the Fire Science one has probably got the most editing time invested.  Looking forward to sharing it at future workshops.

In other news, Workshop Season is officially started.  Check the schedule if you'd be interested in catching us sometime.  

We're looking at dates around June 20-22 to have a book-release party in Portland for the Art of Fire, on our way back from the Ashland workshop.

 If you know anyone in Oregon or California who might want to get in on a rocket mass heater workshop this year, please point them toward the schedule pronto.  The Ashland-area workshop may be the only one we have in Oregon this year.  We are also doing a private project in southern California next month, but probably not driving down since it's almost to San Diego.
In other news, we put the last tiles on our rocket mass heater at home last month, in time for Paul's visit.  It makes a pretty good bookshelf too.  Now it's just a question of deciding what kind of paint or plaster we want on the wall behind it.  Something dark down where the tools hang, I'm thinking.

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