Monday, April 25, 2011

clean, sustainable wood burning

It's getting into that in-between season where I think I'm gonna get a lot done, and then the weather turns crappy and Ernie gets cranky and I can barely drag myself out of bed.

We're about to go do a site visit for the Rocket Mass Heaters workshop coming up May 13-15, so this might be an excellent time to point y'all toward some tidbits about what a Rocket Mass Heater is and does. The good news is, the new workshop is in a much larger space than This Rocket Mass Heater Workshop so your view should be better.

Or maybe you just would like to see cool videos of burny things.

Our friend Paul has come up with a 'portable rocket mass heater' (which, by the way, we were firmly convinced was a contradiction in terms). He arranged for it to be transported by bicycle, and set up in about an hour, for the Earth Day festival in Missoula. Pretty neat!

This and a bunch of other cool videos, some with us in them, are at:

Search on 'rocket stoves' or 'rocket mass heaters' or better yet, Ernie and Erica.