Sunday, April 24, 2011

... The Adventure Continues ...

New blog, but this feels like the middle of the story.

There was birth, and formative years, and careers.

There was the year when both of us turned our lives upside-down, coincidentally - mine dutifully recorded in the travel journal 'Ecca', Ernie's a retreat to an utterly off-the-record life outside Coquille.

There was when we met, at VBC 2006, and ended up courting in the orthopedic trauma ward. Friends of Ernie Wisner

There was the wedding.

And in conventional formulae, that marks the dramatic conclusion.
Girl gets proposal. Boy gets girl. Happily ever after.

So perhaps this is, in a sense, The Future.

Welcome to the metaphysical time that continues after The End, after the crisis, after the honeymoon.

Welcome to real life with Ernie and Erica.