Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Winter fruit countdown - 5 days until Ernie's Birthday

 Most people pick their apples before the snow is ankle-deep, but these ones were plenty sweet for apple butter and pie.  "Water-core" apples may even have extra juicy flavor, they just don't keep as well.

While in Portland, we paid a visit to Uwajimaya, and among the Dungees and lobster was one king crab.  We did not buy it, but got some other frozen seafood to take home for Ernie's birthday.

It is not allowed to be Christmas around here until after Ernie's birthday (Dec. 10).  So I tend to use it as a deadline for business-related things, too.  Since afterward the holidays do tend to take over.

This year, I'd really love to have our online store back up and functioning.
Since our old, well-appointed digital delivery service closed down, we've been selling our digital goods on Permies.com, but I keep thinking we should have our own online store set back up again, for folks who want an easy way to compare plans and books.

Or even to pick up something for the holidays ...

I've been experimenting with making PayPal buttons.  The buttons themselves seem to work OK (I've used one for someone to pay an invoice by credit card), but the process of handing inventory, and delivering digital goods automatically, is a bit more cumbersome.

See if this works for you:

The same button is displayed twice, once as a caption to this image:

How much paper snow do you want?
Theme request (optional)

And here's the button all by itself:

How much paper snow do you want?
Theme request (optional)

If $5 is feeling like Real Money this month, or you want to add a second item without paying much, we have this Helpful Test Button:

The Illusion of Choice

If you feel like spending a little money to support this experiment,
I would like to know if you can order multiple times (for example, a single snowflake with the theme "koalas" and a set of 5 with the theme "kangaroos", or one snowflake instructions and one Donate/Test), and see them correctly when you click "View Cart."

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