Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ways to See Us in Early 2017

The calendar needs updating, and I need office help.

Two going-fast opportunities are:

Online summit:
Eat Your Dirt, starts March 5, we are on the schedule for March 8. 

All-access pass
Free/splash page

If you select the "free" page, please expect a bit of a sales blitz.  Click on through if you really don't want to upsell.

The content is well worth the all-access pass prices (worth 3x to 10x more), and the sharing terms are generous, so please support this project as we'd like to do more of them!

In person:

Missoula Area:
There are only two tickets left for the Permaculture Design Course at Wheaton Labs - we will be attending the whole thing, and presenting on several topics, with leadership from the inimitable Tim Barker.

Alternative Technology course immediately following, same location, still has some room, and we'll be there for about half of this.

We're also hashing out final details for a natural building workshop just before the PDC, with Jim and the Ants leading basic building of the project, and me as an "expert" to lead a natural plasters mini-course toward the end.  Lots of fun times!

Tonasket Area:
Natural plasters with Green Okanogan on Earth Day, April 22, with opportunities for volunteers to do a more in-depth work party with us in early April to prepare.
RSVP to:

Rocket Mass Heater Intro Day, Sat. April 29th, $25 to the public. 
See previous descriptions for this, it's terribly fun, morning show-and-tell with a choice of hands-on activities in the afternoon.
RSVP as soon as you know you want to come, because parking is limited, our book came out last year, and I've invited the entire NE WA region to send fire fighters and emergency responders for free. 
We may be opening additional days, or offering a couple more sessions in neighboring counties, if demand is high. There may be options to earn a place as "staff" for the event by prior arrangement.  This is the cheapest public event we do all year.  We do it in order to generate good energy and local help for our home projects (including just plain fire safety, reducing the number of depressing calls we get to structure fires that started with an ill-fated woodstove or chimney.)
RSVP to:, with "Rockets 2017" in the subject line.

For family and friends:
We will be having a Portland visit during Spring Break, and another one in late July. 
These are supposed to be for family, not so much business. So if you're looking for a rocket stove consult, please respect our right to put you off until fall or later.