Sunday, April 10, 2016

Final 24 hours on Kickstarter.

All the Goodies!

It is hard to keep straight all these Kickstarter reward packages.
What is everyone else doing?

The most popular reward level is $35.  At that level, you get:

"The Book"

+ the "Fire Starter Rewards"

FireStarter rewards - now with pictures!
In other words, you get:
  • - The Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide, paperback first edition
  • - The Art of Fire ebook
  • - Fire Science DVD, streaming version
  • - Care and Feeding of Rocket Mass Heaters micro-doc
  • - Builder's Guide to Mud ebook
  • - 3 mini-stoves under $3 ebook
  • - 3 mini-stoves under $10 ebook
  • - Simple Shelter ebook
  • - Teeny Tiny Mass Heater Plans
  • - A new DIY project each month for 2016 (8 projects from May to December)
  • - Recipes for Ernie's fabulous chocolate truffles

More than double the value of the book.

A lot of folks are upgrading to the $50+ levels, to get the stretch goal bonus items for serious builders (Bitter Lessons eBook and Innovators' Cookbook).  Or maybe they are just stretching toward Shrimp, Fish, a Fat Rabbit, Mysterious Manifolds, Rocket Wood Cook Stoves, and

Rocket Wood Cook Stoves and Heaters: The Cleanest, Greenest, Most Elegant Wood Burning Stoves in the World

Delivering all these new goodies is going to keep us busy from now til Christmas.

Don't wait.
 Click here for the Kickstarter:

You should read Update #12.

Modular (!) Rocket Mass Heater
by Abrahamsson

Thanks for reading,
Erica W

Seeking builder or owner information for the double-rocket Plancha Kitchen
P.S: If you know the owners or builder of this beautiful rocket kitchen island, please help us find them.  Rumor says it's in Brazil.