Monday, January 25, 2016

Raising Steam / Higher Ground

Terry Pratchett left one heck of a legacy.

One of Terry Pratchett's last books: Raising Steam won't make you any better at building a rocket hot-water heater, but it will probably keep you entertained for a few memorable hours.  And it may leave you marked with a priceless, life-saving, wriggly-little-feeling down the back of your neck, whenever the idea comes up, "Wouldn't it be fun to invent a crazy new technology that eats fire and breathes deadly steam!"
I can't remember if I read the whole book, or just a chapter preview in one of his other books.  I definitely want my own copy for our bookshelf, in either case.

With help from my friend Leaha, we finally got some video in the can to finish the Kickstarter project.
While waiting for it to upload, I went looking for our friend Suzanna's band, The Moonshine Band, whose music we were hoping to use for the video.  Found this amazing new video of a treehouse performance of "Flood," filmed by our video friend Bryce.

A good omen for the project moving forward, I think.
And a pretty darn awesome way to end the day.