Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Back on our feet

Ernie is home, yay! 
Still sleeping a lot as he recovers from the combination of infection, hospital stay (with sleep loss and enforced inactivity), and the current anti-biotic regime he's on.  Follow up in 10 days (April 3), to see if he's finally kicked it out. 
I gather cellulitis can recur, but it's been 8 years since the last round so hopefully he'll lick this one for at least that long again.

He declined to let me get a picture of him in the hospital, so here is a GIF animation of his old self being discovered by an over-15-foot-tall polar bear:

"out-take" from the Kickstarter video work 

We are finalizing details for travel with several workshop hosts, two in Canada and more in the US.  If you want to join us somewhere this year, now's the time to save the date: www.ErnieAndErica.info/upcoming_workshops.
(The boat-related events are mostly wishful thinking, but we save space for them anyway.  If we had an extra $5K right now we'd be helping Ernie's dad put engines in his boat.)

We have a couple more publishers interested in the Builder's Guide, and our Kickstarter video is just about done!  So now we have to decide whether to proceed with the Kickstarter launch now, or give the publishers a longer window to make their minds up first.
 (letting them complete their schedule for the release would allow much more accurate delivery dates, and probably better pricing for our Kickstarter supporters than I can find through self-publishing presses).
(but launching now would take better advantage of the buzz from Paul's work, and our recent supporters, and we'd be able to do some stretch goals BEFORE it goes into final formatting which means we could get some of the results into the book....)

Too late tonight for decisions on it, but progress is happening.  If I want to call the publisher in the UK tomorrow morning, sleep seems like a priority.  It already IS tomorrow morning there.  ....

Meanwhile I'm exploring Twitter as a medium. Any of my friends who want to post rocket mass heater pictures with the hashtag #RocketMassHeater, it could be nice to build up an exquisite little library where we can then offer links to the book once the Kickstarter goes live.

Erica and Ernie Wisner

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