Monday, September 8, 2014

IDEO progress

Ernie's new brace
 So this is what Ernie's new brace looks like.
He is not only walking without crutches after 8 years on them .... he is having important quality-of-life experiences like putting dishes away, taking out the trash, carrying food and coffee around.  (And other fun stuff, below.)

There's still a lot of leg-elevation time between activities. Swelling, dings and dents, etc. 

Ernie says everybody has seen him sitting around with his leg up, so here are some pictures of the fun stuff we've enjoyed over the past month.

This visiting therapy dog,
I'm told, is a Great Pyranees. 
Is this what they all look like in Texas? 
You'd have to see a highland Great Pyranees,
in all its wooly glory,
to fully appreciate the amount of shedding implied.
Here's a breed standard Great Pyranees,
still not as shaggy as the Highland working dogs I've seen.

This is what cows look like in Texas.
Ernie's second kayak outing

Erica trying the climbing tower as well.

Challenge course climbing - the knee
still doesn't bend as much as he'd like,
but that doesn't stop him.

Top of the climbing tower: nice view.
Zipline.  Just because.

Exploring Mission San Jose over the weekend.
We'll be going almost straight from here to Missoula, MT for the Innovators' Gathering.  There's one ticket left as of yesterday. 

I'll post more pictures of the 1700's Mission architecture we explored over the weekend, along with a longer video, next post.

-Erica and Ernie

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